When you take your dog out for a walk, you think of the things you need to have with you. The leash is important, some water for both of you if it’s really hot and some poop bags. What if I told you about an additional must-have element? I’m talking about a dog poop bag holder for leash.

Click to get it on Amazon

Click to get it on Amazon

This may be the first time you hear about such a dog accessory. It’s basically a small bag you attach to your leash and carry poop bags. Practically designed, it can hold what you need perfectly, without taking too much space.

A dog poop bag holder for leash can have great benefits and improve the experience you have when walking your pet.

Benefits of having a dog poop bag holder for leash


Have you ever had any difficulty in finding poop bags in your backpack or in your jacket pockets? Sometimes, you don’t have time to properly prepare for walking your dog.

A dog poop bag holder can make things simple for you. Just put in the waste bags and you’re ready to go. It’s designed to hold a few bags, so it doesn’t take a lot of space on the leash.

It’s also an excellent accessory during bad weather. If it’s raining, your waste bags will be protected.

Some of these bags have loop straps. After you attach it, it will not bounce around during your walk. Yet, this is a detail you need to check when buying a specific product.

Comfortable for the dog

You may think that having a bag, even a small one, may not be really comfortable for your dog. This accessory is not a big one, meaning it may not make walking unpleasant for your pet.

You can think of it this way. You have a responsible little friend who carries his own waste bags.

Can hold other dog objects

You can buy more than one dog poop bag holder for leash. One you use it for its intended purpose. In the other, you can keep other objects such as dog treats. Make sure you don’t attach too much weight to the leash.

Eco-friendly dog waste bags: characteristics and benefits

We’ve talked about the dog poop bag holders for leashes and how they can help you. It’s essential to also pay attention to what’s inside the bag. More exactly, to the waste bags you use.

Usually, dog poop bags are made of plastic. This is one of the most dangerous materials with a high impact on the environment. Add this to the equation. A dog normally goes No. 2 at least once a day. This means you throw away around 30 bags each month.

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In the USA, there are approximately 78 million dogs owned by citizens. The numbers speak for themselves.

You may think about recycling plastic bags. The costs of doing this, in the US, are so high that only 2% of them are recycled. The rest are left on the surface to slowly decompose, releasing dangerous chemicals into the soil, air, and water. It takes a few hundred of years for a plastic bag to completely decompose.

Eco-friendly dog waste bags are a green alternative. They are usually made of biodegradable materials, meaning they easily decompose and cause little to no harm to the environment.

These products may not contain artificial scents and may be allergy-free, which is a great plus if you have a sensitive dog or a young puppy. You take care of your pet and of nature.

In order to be sure you are buying the right product, check it thoroughly before you purchase it. Look at its characteristics, description, and ingredients used. It will help you make a smart green decision.

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