We want to keep our children safe and sound, to offer them the best and to make sure nothing will ever harm them. But what happens when we do not know what we give to them? We will focus on the toys and with what children should play.

Toys have been divided into groups of age, to prevent any accidents from happening. However, if you look at the composition of all the products, you will see that they are made of a great amount of plastic. This is not a novelty, but let’s put it this way. If you throw them away, do you know what is going to happen to them? Well, they will remain on this plane for more than you can imagine.

Of course, it is important to understand that everything can be recycled, but it is also useful to know that there are other types of toys that parents can choose from. Nowadays, they can find eco-friendly products for their little ones. The difference between these and the regular ones is that they are made of environmentally friendly and natural material, (sometimes, recycled one), while the others, are made using plastic and synthetic fibres.

We will present you 3 products that we have chosen for you to take into consideration next time you want to buy a toy.

1. Organic beach toys

Zoe b Organic beach toysZoe b Organic beach toysZoe b Organic beach toys

These 5 pieces from Zoe b Organic are made from corn and are the world’s first biodegradable beach toys. They are safe for children and for the environment because, if little accidents happen and they are lost in the sea, they will disintegrate totally in 2-3 years, not causing any harm.

2. Natural play dough

eco-kids organic play dough

Children adore to create and play dough is perfect for them to see what they can do with their hands. The product from eco-kids is a great choice because it is made of natural ingredients using plant extracts that will protect your little ones.

3. Eco-friendly puzzle

TDC Games eco-friendly puzzle

A puzzle tests the mind and the ability of a child because it makes him/her solve something that requires time and patience. The puzzle from TDC Games is an eco-friendly product which will take care if your children and the environment.

When it comes to children, we want to have the best for them, especially when speaking about toys. The eco-friendly ones are made from materials that cannot hurt them and that will last longer than the plastic ones.

Do You Know With What Your Child Is Playing?
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