Like technology, fashion continuously changes. New trends appear every year and can determine what is in style and what is out. One trend has started to make its voice more heard and make quite a statement: the eco-friendly trend. It promotes environmentally-friendly products: from clothes, shoes to jewelry and accessories. One example of such an item is the bamboo watch.

These are watches made entirely out of bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. You may think that a watch made of grass cannot constitute an attractive accessory for men and women. Indeed, they have a different look compared to regular watches we are accustomed to. Yet, their unique design can make them a great fashion item.

Bamboo watches come with other characteristics and benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

Bamboo watches characteristics and benefits

Made of bamboo

As we’ve mentioned above, these watches are made of bamboo. Some may also contain other eco-friendly materials. The key aspect here is that these products are made using no harsh chemicals.

Benefit: Using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo can have a great positive impact on the environment. Bamboo is a grass which grows back fast after it’s harvested without the need of being replanted. It’s a great alternative to wood or leather (other materials used in the production of watches).

Light material

Bamboo is a light material which makes it great for accessories, especially for watches. Imagine having a hard watch around your wrist and trying to do your daily activities. It can be really uncomfortable for those who have a lot of desk work.

Benefit: A light material makes the watch pleasant to wear. It’s comfortable, it won’t interfere with your work and you won’t even feel it’s there. Bamboo watches are a great accessory for those who do desk work.

Easily adjustable bracelet

The bamboo watch bracelet can be adjusted easily, like in the case of regular watches.

Benefit: An adjustable bracelet means it can fit almost any person’s wrist. You may not have to worry about whether it fits you, but just to be sure, you should look at the bracelet measurements. It may save you from an unpleasant situation.

Unique design

The design of this item is quite unique because of the material it’s made of. Bamboo helps it look different from regular watches and also can make a fashion statement.

Benefit: Being made from a different material than regular watches makes the bamboo ones have a beautiful design. They go great for both men and women.

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Also, because it’s a rather unusual accessory, you can wear it the way you want and like it. You can accessorize it with a business suit, a smart casual outfit or anything you find it suitable with.

Bamboo watches: what you need to pay attention to

The material is an important aspect when it comes to bamboo watches. First of all, you need to check and see if they are made of bamboo and not of wood. There is a big difference between bamboo and wooden watches. The wooden ones are made using different materials such as maple wood. This can take them out of the eco-friendly category.

Secondly, if you want your watch to be made of organic bamboo, you need to see if the products are certified by an authority. Don’t let fancy titles and name steal your attention.

What’s more, some companies may use other materials for the production of watches. Leather is just one example. In this case, check out if all the materials are eco-friendly before making any purchasing decision.

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