You may think beauty and cosmetic products are here to help you in different aspects. Let’s look at deodorants, for instance. They can protect you from sweat and unpleasant smells.

Yet, if you look at the ingredient list of these items, you may see long enumerations of chemicals. This can put everything under a question mark. Fortunately, you have healthy alternatives such as a deodorant without chemicals.

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These chemical-free options are amazing, as they take care of your health in the long run and have few to no side effects. We will discuss this aspect later on.

If you’re thinking of what makes conventional deodorants a not-very-safe option, we have prepared a few explanations on this subject. Let’s take a look at them.

Conventional deodorant chemicals

Conventional deodorants usually contain chemicals which can have dangerous effects on health. Here are a few examples.

Aluminium compounds

Aluminum compounds such as aluminum chlorohydrateare or zirconium are the active ingredients found in many deodorant products. They are responsible for preventing you sweat by clogging your pores.

The problem with these chemicals is that they are absorbed by your skin. They can interfere with estrogen levels from your body and have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum compounds are also considered to cause cancer, but there is no direct link between these two as further research is needed.


These chemicals are found in various cosmetic products and are known as fragrances.

They are a known allergen and can also cause developmental, reproductive and neurological problems.


Triclosan is a chemical used in deodorants because it can kill bacteria. The problem with this ingredient is that it can lead to:

  • endocrine disruptions
  • irritations of the eyes and skin
  • development of bacteria resistant to antibiotics


Just like phthalates, parabens are found in a wide category of cosmetic and beauty products and are used as preservatives. Ethyl, butyl, benzyl, and methyl are a few examples you can find in different items.

They can cause hormonal disbalances, endocrine disruptions, reproduction, nervous system and immune system problems.

Different countries have imposed strict rules related to paraben usage in beauty products or have banned them.


Stereaths are additives you can find in deodorants. They are linked to skin irritations, endocrine disruptions, developmental and reproductive problems.

Other ingredients you can keep an eye out for are:

  • propylene glycol
  • talc
  • silica
  • artificial colors

Deodorant without chemicals benefits

Deodorants without chemicals are a great alternative you can try. They can bring you some excellent benefits and deliver great results.

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No harsh chemicals

As their name says it, these products do not contain any harsh chemicals. Although if you are trying a deodorant for the first time, check its ingredient list to be 100% sure.

Deodorants without chemicals go for natural or organic ingredients (depending on the product). This means they present little to no threat to your health in the short and the long run.

If you are experimenting with new products, you should be a little careful. Look at each product’s ingredient list to see if it contains something you may be allergic to. Also, you can go to a store and make a small test on your skin to see how you react.

Excellent results

The performance of a deodorant without chemicals can be doubted because it may not contain ingredients which are as strong as those found in conventional products.

Yet, the natural ingredients in these alternative deodorants do a pretty good job. Instead of clogging the pores, they prevent odor from developing. Natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, lemon peel and witch hazel are great for protecting your skin.

Indeed, there are some products which need to be reapplied in order to protect you from sweat.

Protect your clothes

Natural ingredients are your clothes’ best friends. They can maintain your favorite items in a great state without any stains or yellow spots (like the ones that form in the armpit area).

Aluminum, on the other hand, is linked to causing those stains on your clothes.

Deodorant without chemicals product recommendations

Deodorant Without Chemicals To Protect Your Skin And Keep It Healthy