Have you ever thought that hairspray products are tested on animals?

Some companies do different tests on animals with different hair products including hairsprays.

Cruelty-Free Hairspray Products


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You can imagine what happens there. Little animals are exposed to different chemicals and substances to see how they react to them and determine how they may affect humans.

They suffer because of different side effects, can develop health problems, and even die because of these tests.

Fortunately, there are hair styling products that do not test on animals. A cruelty-free hairspray is an example of such a beauty item.

This type of products are not tested on small animals. Their ingredients do not need to be tested, meaning they may be a safer option to go for.

Going for a cruelty-free hairspray can have some great benefits for your hair and for the animals that you protect.

Benefits of using a cruelty-free hairspray

You do not encourage animal testing

When you buy hairstyle products from companies that test on animals, you somehow encourage this industry.

More buyers mean more sales for these businesses and an increase in demand for those specific products.

When you buy a cruelty-free hairspray, you go in the opposite direction. You do not encourage animal testing and go for alternative products.

It may not seem a big change, but it can have a great impact.

It’s been said that if every person will take even a small step towards a certain change, it will still have an effect.

The cruelty-free industry is becoming more and more popular. Consumers are switching to cruelty-free products because these items can offer the same results without harming little animals such as mice, rats, monkeys, or even dogs.

When going for a cruelty-free product such as a cruelty-free hairspray, make sure the product is actually certified for this label.

Products that have the PETA bunny or Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics – CCIC – logo are a safe option. These companies are certified as cruelty-free in terms of ingredients and procedures.

Also, you may see some products are labeled vegan. This means the items do not use any animal-derived ingredients in their composition.

It’s unlikely for them to be tested on animals, but you may want to check all the product details just to be sure.

Reading about the manufacturing company can be really useful as well. Checking the PETA website to see if it’s listed as a cruelty-free company can help you choose the right company and product.

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May choose a product with healthier ingredients

One of the purposes for why animal testing takes place is to see how certain ingredients react when they come into contact with the skin, hair (animals’ fur).

This can mean that these ingredients can be either harmful, either harmless.

If the ingredients do not cause harm or side effects, why do they need testing?

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This is a question you may want to ask yourself.

A cruelty-free hairspray may contain safer and healthier ingredients for your hair. It may give your hair a beautiful look and help you style it the way you want.

Taking a look at the ingredients list is also a thing you may want to do. It can give you an idea of what the product contains and how safe it is.

Try and include this action in your purchasing habits. It may help you pick the right products.

Helps you keep your hair in place

Let’s face it. When you use a hairspray, you expect your hair to stay in place.

The strength of the product depends and is usually mentioned on the package, but besides this, you want to know you can rely on this product.

A cruelty-free hairspray can help you style your hair the way you want and make it stay there for a long time (depending on the product).

If there are any differences in the ingredients between a conventional and a cruelty-free hairspray, you may think that there will be differences in the results.

This is a possibility, but keep this in mind. If you’ve been using conventional hairspray products for a long time, your hair may have gotten used to them. It may take some time until it gets used to the new product.

Just be patient and see how things change in time.

Looking at product reviews can also be helpful. It can give you an idea of what products have delivered good results an how other consumers felt about using them.

Why are hair products tested on animals?

With so many concerns regarding animal testing, the question about why it is still done remains and becomes more and more asked.

There are two main reasons that somehow justify these actions. Let me give you all the details.

Animal testing provides data for companies to defend themselves

You know how products, especially beauty ones, can cause certain side effects.

This is even mentioned on the package. It usually says that if it causes burning sensations or itchiness that does not pass, it’s better to visit a doctor.

Things become more serious when the side effects don’t go away or they worsen. Severe burns, irritations, and even blindness are major problems consumers (and companies) may have to deal with.

When a customer has experienced such a serious problem because of a product he used, he may end up suing the company (especially in cases when his health was severely damaged).

Businesses need something to defend themselves in such situations. This is when animal testing comes into the discussion.

Animal testing provides data about how the body reacts when exposed to certain chemicals and products. Companies use this data to defend themselves when they are sued to prove they only want to do what’s right for their customers and have no bad intentions.

The problem is that, sometimes, companies only use the fact that they tested on animals, not the results of the tests. How the trial ends depends from one case to another.

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Another issue is related to how much the animal testing results are similar to human reactions. They may give researchers and companies an idea of what can happen when their products are being used, but the real effects are seen only after they’ve been used by people.

Entering a new market can require animal testing

Although this is not a common thing, there are countries where animal testing is required.

A popular example is China. This country is known for obliging companies to do tests on animals if they want to enter the Chinese market with their products. It’s a thing required by law.

With China’s economy continuously growing and a population which exceeds 1.3 billion people, it’s understandable why companies want to enter this market.

As opposed to China, in many other countries, animal testing is not required. There are no laws or rules that make this process mandatory.

This means that animal testing is not a practice promoted by many countries and it should not be used in many product areas.

Plus, companies are starting to give up on it and become cruelty-free.

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How to make your own cruelty-free hairspray

Nowadays, you can find different cruelty-free hairspray products in stores. You can easily find them in different shops and buy what item fits your hair the most.

This is one way to get a cruelty-free hairspray. The other one is to make your own cruelty-free hairspray.

All you will need is:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2-4 teaspoons of sugar
  • a few drops of essential oil of your preference (e.g. lavender, peppermint, rosemary, geranium) – if you want to

Heat up the water until it starts to boil. Add the sugar, stir, and make sure it dissolves completely. Let it cool down, then add the essential oil(s).

Place the cooled composition in a spray bottle and you’re ready to use it. When you need to style your hair, just use it as any hairspray product.

The sugar in the water gives your hair a stronger texture and helps it stay in place. The number of teaspoons you add to the composition defines how strong the hairspray will be. Two teaspoons make it a mild hold, while three and four go for a stronger hold. You can add more if you want to.

Think of your hair type and how it behaves under different conditions. It will help you make the perfect hairspray for you.

Keep in mind that this homemade cruelty-free hairspray does not contain any type of preservative. You should keep the spray bottle in the fridge to prevent bacteria from growing and developing in it.

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Tips to help you keep your hair in place

Cruelty-free hairspray products are not the only way to keep your hair in place.

There are other methods that help you style your hair and make it stay the way you want it.

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Here are 4 tips that will help you keep your hair in place.

Switch to anti-frizz hair products

Do you know how your hair stays after you’ve washed it and used a hairdryer?

It’s similar to staying in a wind tunnel.

While it may sound funny, it’s not so amusing for a person who is in a hurry and has to style it.

In order to avoid this annoying situation, switching to anti-frizz hair products can be really helpful. This includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, and other styling products.

They can help you get rid of that frizzy effect and make your hair stay the way you want.

Look at product reviews and ask for advice (e.g. hairdresser) if you find it difficult to choose the right products for your hair.

Add a little argan oil on your hair ends

There are some days when your hair seems to have its own personality. It does not seem to stay in place and look the way you want it.

Adding a little argan oil ad the ends can be really helpful. This oil can give your hair some texture and make it be less rebellious. It can tame frizz and allow you to work with it more easily.

Just do not add too much oil. You don’t want to have an oily look.

Argan oil has other benefits for your hair. It can act as a hair conditioner and give your hair an extra shine. It’s rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.

Use some hair accessories to style it

Sometimes, you need a little help to style your hair and I’m not referring here to styling products.

Accessories such as bobby pins, clips, combs, headbands, and barrettes can be a life savior in so many cases.

If you’re planning on doing a complicated braid, you may need a lot of bobby pins. A headband can help you obtain some natural waves without adding any heat to your hair.

Hair accessories can replace or complement other hair styling products and help you obtain the look that you want.

Go for natural alternatives for hair styling

If you have really fine hair or baby hairs are starting to appear (and give you a headache when it comes to hair styling), there are a few natural products you can use to help them stay in place.

Aloe vera gel is one of them. Just add a little gel on the hair and you are ready to go.

You can use this gel to style your entire hair, not just the small fine ones.

Other options for this is to use baby oil, petroleum jelly, or even lip balm. It may sound a little odd, but it can help you keep those annoying small hairs in place.

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Cruelty-free hairspray products

Cruelty-Free Hairspray – How To Style Your Hair Without Harming Animals