Including a moisturizer in your skincare routine can take care of your skin. Using the right moisturizer can take care of you and of others.

Take the cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer as an example. This is a product which is made to keep your skin hydrated without being tested on animals.

Beauty products such as moisturizers are often tested on small animals to determine what side effects they can have.

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Moisturizer Products

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Animals experience side effects such as skin irritations, burns, eye problems which affect their health. Some of these effects lead to permanent health problems or even to death.

Cruelty-free products are labeled by an authority as items which do not harm animals.

Choosing such products is like buying the healthiest laundry detergent. You go for the products which are the healthiest and safest option for yourself.

Using cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer products can have some great benefits.

Benefits of using cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer

Help you keep your skin moisturized

A cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer can help you keep your skin hydrated and beautiful.

Using these beauty products can help you maintain a skin with a healthy look.

What you need to make sure is you choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. A product rich in high-level oleic acid oils can be great for dry skin, but awful for oily or acne prone skin.

Do a little research on what ingredients are beneficial for you. This can help you pick suitable products based on your needs.

The products are not tested on animals

Products which have a cruelty-free label on them do not test anything on animals. They don’t go near small animals with anything.

This makes them healthy and beneficial for your skin and for the little animals.

IMPORTANT! A product needs to have an authorized cruelty-free label. Just saying it does not test on animals is not enough. Look for the PETA bunny or Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics – CCIC – logo. You can also check the company name in the list of cruelty-free businesses on the PETA website.

They come at affordable prices

Drugstore products usually come at affordable prices. You can find great cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer products at attractive prices.

If you have any doubt related to the quality (because of the price), you should not worry. These products can be really effective and beneficial, plus they come at an affordable price.

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Just make sure you choose a product that is suitable for your skin needs

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Why is it so important to use cruelty-free products?

For some reason, some may believe that testing products on animals defines the quality of a product. The truth is it doesn’t!

Animal testing is not required by law or any rule. There are a few exceptions and one of them is represented by the action of entering the Chinese market. Companies who want to enter this market with their products are required to test on animals.

In many other countries, these rules do not exist. This means that there is no need to harm small animals for such purposes.

In this process, different animals are used. Think of mice, rats, monkeys, and even small dogs. Chemicals and substances are applied to their skin, fur, or even their eyes.

They can go through great sufferings and end up with permanent health problems.

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The difference between moisturizer, cream, and lotion

When speaking of skin care products, you may think of a wide variety of products. Moisturizers, creams, and lotions are some of them.

These three products can seem really similar. They are all applied on the skin with approximately the same purposes.

The truth is they are kind of different and you may want to know how to tell them apart.


Moisturizer is a type of beauty product which is used to restore the moist in the skin.

When you apply moisturizer, the product penetrates the skin and is easily absorbed by it. It contains ingredients made from plant extracts, oils, and different nutritional compounds.

You can find quite a wide variety of moisturizer products on the market. From different aromas to moisturizers for face, body, hands, and feet, all of these are available.


Cream products are used to help you lock moisture in the skin. Think of it as a protective barrier which does not allow moisture to escape.

If we were to compare cream and moisturizer, one difference stands in how the products feel. While moisturizers are easily absorbed by the skin, creams are not as light. They stay more at the surface rather than going in the skin.


A lotion is a skin care product which is mostly used to remove the hydration elements which can be found under the skin.

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These products have different purposes such as helping you with acne problems or protecting your skin from sunburns.

In what concerns the ingredients, lotions contain oils which have the purpose of avoiding friction.

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Cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer products

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Moisturizer – Choose What Is Safe For Animals And You