If you’re looking for products that make your home more eco-friendly, compostable paper plates are a great start.

They are easy to use, you can find them in almost any store and they have a great environmental impact.

You may be thinking these are just some simple plates made of paper. They are an eco-friendly alternative for products made of plastic, for instance.

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With plastic being one of the most dangerous materials for the environment, using items made of alternative materials can contribute to taking care of nature. Take a look at BPA-free sippy cup.

Also, because it’s compostable, it comes with a double benefit for the environment.

Here are some great benefits of using compostable paper plates.

Benefits of using compostable paper plates

They are an eco-friendly option

Compostable paper plates are an eco-friendly option because of two big reasons: the material they are made of and the compostable characteristic.

Paper is a more green option as compared to plastic. Its production is not as toxic as the plastic manufacturing and the degradation process of paper is less dangerous than the plastic’s.

Plastic is made of petroleum or natural gas. These are two non-renewable resources which require time and energy-consuming extraction processes. These also damage and even destroy the natural habitat of wild animals.

Paper is made of wood. This means that trees need to be cut down for paper products to be manufactured.

Although it’s not the most eco-friendly action, it still has its bright parts. Trees used for these purposes usually come from special farms.

The second aspect is the compostable attribute. Compostable means that a material breaks down into humus, which is an essential substance for the soil. Also, during this process, no metals or toxic chemicals are released into the soil.

No need for cleaning the dishes

Compostable paper plates are usually disposable. This means you use them one time and then you just throw them away.

This saves you time, water, and dish soap.

You don’t need to worry about spending an hour, after your birthday party, in the kitchen doing the dishes.

You just put all of them in a few compostable garbage bags and that’s it.

Can be used for different events

If you’re having a birthday party, a small gathering at your home, or you want to arrange some snacks, using a few compostable paper plates can be a wonderful idea.

They have a nice look, so you may go with your arrangements.

These products also come in different shapes, sizes, and with various patterns. You can choose simple white compostable paper plates or you can go for those with flowers, animals, or abstract drawings.

What you need to know about disposable products

Disposable products are a great option for everyday situations or for certain events. Just take a look at coffee cup on the go

What you need to pay attention to is the type of disposable products you choose in terms of material.

Disposable products can be made of paper, plastic, or bamboo. I’ll stick to the compostable plates as an example.

Disposable plastic plates

I’ve mentioned above a few details about plastic and how toxic it is. Now, I’ll tell you more about the disintegration process.

Plastic takes tens or even hundreds of years to decompose. During this time, it also releases dangerous chemicals and metals in the soil, water, and air.

Imagine tens of years in which chemicals are constantly released in nature.

Plants and animals are exposed to these chemicals, which puts their safety and health in danger.

Disposable bamboo plates

Disposable bamboo plates are another great alternative to plastic products.

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials. It’s a type of grass which grows up to 100 centimeters in 24 hours. It can grow on its own, without requiring special care.

Disposable bamboo plates can also be compostable. Just make sure you check the product package and description for the Compostable logo.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out eco-friendly disposable bamboo plates.

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Compostable Paper Plates – An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic