Coconuts are pretty common product in stores and kitchens. These well-known exotic fruits are a great choice when it comes to pies, cocktails and a healthy snack. But what about the other ways of using coconuts? For instance, the products obtained from coconuts such as coconut oil. This item can be used in cooking and in cosmetics and body treatments.

So let’s start with the general characteristics of this product. Coconut oil can be liquid or solid, depending on the temperature that it is kept. If it is at and above 24 degrees Celsius, it is liquid. If it is below, it becomes white and solid.  In what concerns the smell, it has a delicate coconut scent.

Nutritional information

Coconut oil is a great combination of saturated fatty acids, and more than 62% are Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which are recommended for several brain disorders. Moreover, they can increase energy expenditure. For example, 15-30 grams of Medium Chain Fatty Acids per day can increase energy expenditure during a day by 5%. This can also lead to weight loss, which shows that coconut oil can be used against the fight against extra kilograms and obesity. In addition, it can make you eat less by reducing your appetite.

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Moving to the non eatable area, we find out that coconut oil is a great option for hair moisturizing and protection. Also, it can have this effect on skin as well. Therefore, you can replace you creams and  hair products (such as your mask) with a more eco-friendly option.

It is interesting to see that such a product  can present so many advantages in several areas. Coconut oil is an item that can find its place in your kitchen and bathroom as well.  However, it is important to choose a high quality product in order to get the best results.

Coconut Oil – The Universal Product From Your Home
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