Have you ever wondered how the same dish can have two different amounts of calories? The difference stands in the way you prepare it, what method you choose to use and the ingredients. Let’s take the following example: a cheesecake. The first recipe says to use fat cheese, butter, white sugar, biscuits (any type) and some fruit syrup. The second one says to use cow cheese low in fat, digestive biscuits, brown sugar and fresh fruits.

At the end, the first recipe will end up in a caloric bomb, while the other one will be a sweet dessert with few calories. Therefore, it is not necessary to completely give up on what you like, you should just rethink the way you are preparing it.

Cooking can bring pleasure and pain at the same time. This is why we have decided to present you a few tips that will make you eager to try new recipes for you and your loved ones.

1. Choose the right ingredients

This is the first step before every meal. The key to success is choosing the ones that do not present any harm to your health and that can give your body vitamins and nutrients. Products that are low in fat, are natural and do not have a long shelf life are a great choice for any type of meal.

2. Cook it properly

Regarding this aspect, you should alternate the methods you use to prepare your dishes. You should not eat only fried products or only boiled ones. Excess is not an answer when it comes to food. Alternate and look for the methods that do not destroy the nutrients and vitamins. Tip: do not use the microwave.

3. Avoid caloric bombs

There are some combinations that are extremely dangerous. For example, French fries, fried meat and garlic sauce. It may sound delicious, but, in fact, it gives you the calories you need for an entire day in just one meal and you will not be eating just a meal in one day. Look for combinations that are tasty and healthy as well. For instance, canned wild salmon and garden salad.

4. Eat what makes you feel good

And by ‘good’, we refer to full of energy and a happy stomach. If you want to follow a certain diet,  you should make sure that it suits your lifestyle and your body. Visit a nutritionist before you start it for some specialised advice. He/She will know exactly what you need and will create a great diet for you.

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Eating is a big deal when you start realizing what a great impact it has on you. A recipe that focuses only on the taste and not on the consumer’s health is one that you should avoid. Taste is important, but your health should always be at the top of the list. Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments bellow

Choose The Right Recipe For A Healthy Diet