Repainting the walls is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look. It can completely change the atmosphere from your house.

All of these give you a pleasant feeling, right? Imagine the joy your child has when his room has a brand new look.

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Let me ask you a few questions now.

How much do you know about the chemicals used in wall paint products? Are these child-friendly paints for walls?

You may not have thought about these aspects. They play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your little one.

Certain chemicals used in conventional wall paints may be dangerous for your family’s health in the short and long term.

A great alternative to these products are child-friendly paints for walls. Although this is not a specific product category, these wall paints usually do not contain certain chemicals, which makes them safe for your children and the environment.

Before we go into any detail related to these alternative wall paints, let me talk a bit about the categories of wall paint you can find in stores.

Wall paint categories: which one do you choose?

If you look on the store shelves, you will probably see many paint products. So many, it can become really difficult to choose one.

There are a few wall paint categories you need to know about:

  • latex or acrylic paints
  • oil-based paints
  • solvent-based paints
  • natural paints

Latex or acrylic paints are products which combine water with color pigments. They dry in short time and can be easily cleaned, using just some water and soap.

Oil-based paints use mineral oil as their primary liquid.

Solvent-based paints contain volatile organic chemicals  (VOCs) as their primary liquid. Acetone, ethanol, toluene, and xylene are a few VOC examples.

Natural paints are made using natural ingredients such as plant dyes, essential oils, clay, chalk, beeswax.

Chemicals used in conventional wall paints

We’ve mentioned earlier about VOCs. These compounds do an important job in paints. They solidify it and as the paint is spread on the wall, VOCs are released.

Yet, it is said that not all VOCs are released. Some remain in the paint on the wall.

These chemicals can represent a danger to your health and your child’s health. They can cause headaches (during the painting process and after), dizziness, nausea, and irritations (eyes, nose, throat).

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Long exposure can even lead to a higher risk of developing asthma and allergies.

Paint fumes are also linked to these symptoms, yet they are released mostly during the painting process.

Fungicides and biocides are also used in some paints. The first components prevent mildew growth and the second ones are used as preservatives. They can remain in the air for several years.

Children and pregnant women are advised not to paint or stay in a room that is being painted. Although it’s not extremely dangerous, it can make people feel sick.

If we were to compare the first three paint types we’ve talked about previously, solvent-based are the ones which can cause many side effects. Latex and oil-based have been linked to skin irritations.

Child-friendly paint for walls: characteristics and benefits

Nowadays there are different wall paints made with safe ingredients for you and your family. They are usually eco-friendly and contain little to no VOCs.

Their purpose is to offer excellent results and to represent a healthy choice for you.

What you need to know is to be careful even with these products. Pay attention to what is written on them and what they actually contain.

Comparing it with other conventional products, a child-friendly paint for walls has some great benefits.

Wide variety to choose from

We no longer live in a world where going green means looking for hard to find products.

You can now find a wide variety of products which are safe for your health and eco-friendly.

These paints now come in different colors and promise excellent results.

Safe for your child’s health

This is the thing you were looking for. You want a safe wall paint for your child.

As these products contain mainly natural ingredients, they do not pose a threat to the little ones.

Takes care of the environment

The fumes released by conventional paints do not stay only in your house. Eventually, they reach the outside air and end up in the environment.

As child-friendly paints for walls do not give off fumes, they are an eco-friendly option.

This aspect varies from one product to another and it has to be checked.

Child-friendly paint for walls products

Child-friendly Paint For Walls For A Safe And Cosy Room