People have two options in what concerns the places where they go shopping: supermarkets and small shops. Therefore, there are two types of producers: large, industrial and small, local ones. We will be focusing on fruit and vegetable producers and why people should take into consideration both options when they go out to buy their groceries.

Impact on the environment

Producers have a great impact on the environment. How is that? First of all, everyone has an impact on the environment, whether they are aware of this or not. Secondly, the methods they use are very important and answers to the question. In the case of big producers who are associated with large quantities of food, they are the ones responsible for supplying supermarkets and hypermarkets. They have many fields and greenhouses in which they grow fruits and vegetables. The problem here is that it is hard to produce large amounts in a natural way. For this reason, they use chemicals which make plants grow faster and improve the quality of the soil with chemical fertilizers. These have a great impact on nature because the chemicals can remain for several years and affect the plants and the land. Fruits and vegetables do not taste like they should or do not taste at all and have less vitamins. Moreover, we eat these products without knowing with what they have been treated.

When speaking about small producers, they are associated with small quantities which are sold by them or at  small shops. Because they do not produce very much, they do not need to use any chemicals and let fruits and vegetables grow naturally. Therefore, it is safer to buy from them than from supermarkets.

Price differences

Regarding the price, you might find some differences. The ones from the supermarket may be lower than those from smaller shops. Why? The quantity is the answer. Large amounts of food do not need to be expensive for producers to make profit, but the products from the small producers’ side need to have higher prices in order to cover all the production expenses. Nevertheless, we are not talking about huge prices and differences.

Shopping for food can become quite a serious issue if we know some things about producers and how they grow their fruits and vegetables. Therefore, people can choose between cheaper, but risky products and natural juicy ones, but with a higher price. What’s your decision?

Why You Should Buy From Small Producers Instead Of Big Companies
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