How much do you know about BPA free plastic cups for kids?

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With BPA being one of the most toxic chemicals found in plastic products, it’s crucial you pay attention to what you buy for your child.

This plastic ingredient has been linked to different health problems. As children need to develop healthily, you may want to keep them away from such threats.

Product alternatives are one solution in this case. Plastic cups without BPA are an option you can go for.

Also, cups made of other materials are another great alternative.

The benefits of using BPA free plastic cups for kids

No dangerous BPA

BPA is found in almost any plastic product.

The chemical has been linked to serious health issues, meaning it may be a real threat to you and your little one’s safety.

BPA free plastic cups for kids do not contain this chemical and they can be a safer alternative.

What’s more, BPA was banned in 2012 by the FDA from being used in manufacturing baby bottles and sippy cups. This means that in the US, all plastic baby bottles and sippy cups are BPA free.

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Easy for children to use them

When buying cups for your children, you may want a product which is easy to use and relatively resistant.

If your children drop it down, you may want it to remain in one piece so your little ones don’t get hurt in the broken pieces.

BPA free plastic cups for kids may resist such shocks. Plus, they are relatively light and children can hold them easily.

Alternatives to plastic cups for kids

BPA free plastic cups for kids are just one option for such products.

Another popular product is glass cups. They are easy to find in stores and come in different shapes and sizes.

What’s great about these cups is that they don’t retain smell. Comparing them to plastic cups (if you use them more than once), glass cups don’t change their color (it fades away in time) or catch a smell from the liquid that’s in them.

They are heavier and easier to break, though. You may want to think of this aspect.

Silicone cups are another option. They are easy to use and can be a wonderful alternative if you want to avoid plastic products.

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Last but not least, paper and bamboo cups can be great for your child, especially if you are looking for disposable products.

They are easy to use, can be recycled and are an eco-friendly item.

You can use them for your children or for a coffee cup on the go.

BPA: How dangerous is this chemical?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in the production of various plastic products.

It’s commonly found in bottles, food containers, and cans.

BPA has been linked to health problems such as:

  • endocrine disruptions
  • birth defects
  • diabetes
  • heart diseases
  • breast and prostate cancer

Just take endocrine disruptions, for example. An endocrine disruptor can mimic human hormones and send false signals to the body.

Besides these health problems, BPA was also linked to obesity. Research has shown that children with high levels of BPA in their urine were twice more likely to become obese.

The chemical is most dangerous when it comes into contact with hot food and liquid. Heat causes BPA to leach into foods and liquids.

Pay attention to the temperature of your child’s dink and if you are preparing a hot tea or cocoa, try and use glass cups.

The same goes for the plates and utensils you use when heating food or when using the microwave.

BPA free products such as BPA free canned coconut milk can be a healthier alternative.

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