When thinking of hand soap, our minds visualize a product designed for one great purpose: cleaning.

Having clean hands makes you feel comfortable while doing things like cooking, eating or playing with your family. But have you ever wondered whether your product does any other harm to you?

Non Toxic Hand Soap Products

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Hand soap maintains your hands clean, meaning it contributes to protecting your health by destroying bacteria you carry on them. Yet, it may do some harm on a different level. This type of products contains ingredients which can be linked to some serious problems.

Going for an alternative product such as best non toxic hand soap can be a great way to keep your hands clean and protected. These products are less likely to contain harmful chemicals.

What type of chemicals are used in conventional hand soaps? Before we move on to non-toxic soap, it’s essential to know a little more about the ingredients used in conventional products. We will discuss their effects in the short and long term.

Chemicals used in conventional hand soap

Hand soaps contain several hard to read ingredients on their package. If you do not work in the field or are not a specialist, it can be difficult to figure out what they mean.

We’ve selected a few and will present some details about each of them.


Triclosan is mostly found in antibacterial hand soaps, as it is an active ingredient.

The big deal with this chemical is that it has been linked to health problems such as endocrine disruptions, decreased fertility, and birth defects.

You may think that triclosan is good for killing germs and bacteria. Think again. Producers have not shown that hand soap containing this active ingredient is more efficient than simple soap. You may get the results you want by buying a cheaper plain product.

Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate

When you see SLS and SLES written on the soap package, these are the chemicals you should think of. They are in multiple products, from soaps, shampoos to different kinds of toothpaste.

These chemicals have been linked to eye irritations, endocrine disruptions, developmental problems, and even cancer.


Parabens are used as preservatives in hand soap products. They are the reason products last so long on store shelves. Some examples of parabens are Butylparaben, Propylparaben, and Methylparaben.

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Parabens can cause hormone disruptions and can mimic estrogen (the female hormone). This can be a problem in the case of breast cancer, as parabens (by mimicking estrogen) favor the development of tumors.


Fragrances (or phthalates) are the ones that give soap its pleasant smell. They can cause endocrine disruptions and can even mimic different human hormones.

Other hand soap ingredients you should avoid are:

  • 1,4 dioxane
  • propylene glycol
  • ethanol
  • ureas

Best non toxic hand soap benefits

Choosing to buy the best non toxic hand soap can bring you great benefits.

Safe for your health

The best non toxic hand soap products are usually made of naturally derived ingredients. This means no chemicals or harmful ingredients are used in the production and composition of these items.

You don’t need to worry about health problems in the short or long term.

What you need to pay attention to are the ingredients. Even if you go for an all natural or healthy hand soap, look at the ingredients used to see if you are allergic to anything.


The chemicals used in conventional hand soap are most likely released into the environment every time we wash our hands. They end up in the water, soil, and, eventually, ‘interact’ with the wildlife (plants and animals).

Looking at the effects these chemicals have on us, it can be said they may not be harmless and may affect the life and health of plants and animals.

Best non toxic hand soap product recommendations

We understand it’s hard to find the best non toxic hand soap product with so many options on the market. Here are a few recommendations you can choose or use for inspiration.

Best Non Toxic Hand Soap To Keep Your Hands Clean And Healthy
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