Nothing compares with a pleasant fresh smell when you enter your home. It’s like a warm Welcome for your nose. To enjoy this feeling, you will definitely choose the best household air fresheners.

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Speaking of the best, how do we define and identify the top products? There are different ways to do so, but we prefer to select them based on two decisive criteria:

Products which are safe for our health and for the environment are considered the best.

Household air fresheners are filled with ingredients which have the role to provide a nice smell and/or mask an odor. The problem is that these ingredients are usually strong chemicals.

These chemicals can have great effects on your health and the environment. Constant use may lead to serious health problems (particularly, respiratory ones).

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, you need to choose the best household air fresheners, that do their job and take care of your health.

Eco-friendly and all natural air fresheners are an excellent alternative to go for.

Chemicals used in conventional air fresheners: health and environmental dangers

Household air fresheners contain a wide number of chemicals. The most common are:

  • 1,4 dichlorobenzene
  • formaldehyde
  • aerosol propellas
  • petroleum distillates
  • phthalates

Phthalates are some of the most dangerous ingredients. They have been linked to hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, and even cancer.

If you look for them on the package of air fresheners you may also find them listed as ‘fragrances’ or you may not even find them.

Here are a few examples of toxic phthalates found in air fresheners:

  • Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Di-ethly phthalate (DEP)
  • Di-isobutyl phthalate (DIBP)
  • Di-isohexyl phthalate (DIHP)
  • Di-methyl phthalate (DMP)

1,4 dichlorobenzene is another ingredient used in many air freshener product and it may cause great problems to the lungs.

Other health problems that air fresheners can cause are:

  • asthma attacks
  • respiratory difficulties
  • skin problems
  • migraine headaches
  • mucosal symptoms

Just because we use air fresheners inside our homes does not mean that the exterior is protected from their effects. They can affect the air quality outdoors and contribute to the photochemical smog.

Best household air fresheners benefits

Air fresheners come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from gels, sprays, candles, charcoal bags and many other.

Choosing the best products can have some great benefits for you.

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Clean air inside your home

One of the greatest benefits of using the best household air fresheners is that they do their job pretty well. They eliminate or mask (depending on how the products works) the odors, leaving a pleasant smell.

Some may contain natural fragrances, while others may not. This depends to the type of freshener you are using.

If you have an air freshener that simply cleans the air without leaving a fragrance, combine it with another product. For instance, a natural or organic candle. It can complement the other product nicely.

No serious health problems

Eco-friendly and all natural air fresheners are usually made using natural or organic ingredients. They do not affect your health or cause serious problems, meaning they are safe for you and your family.

If you happen to experience certain problems such as respiratory difficulties, go to your doctor immediately. You may be having an allergic reaction to certain ingredients.

Safe for the environment

Natural and organic ingredients are generally environmentally friendly.

In order to be 100% sure, check the product description and ingredient list. If you find something that seems out of place, move to another product.

Tips to have a nice clean air in your home

Besides using air fresheners, there are things you can do to have a clean fresh air in your home.

Having a good ventilation system can almost solely keep a clean air inside your home. They can reduce the need of using air fresheners.

Also, think of the habits you have indoors. Smoking or eating in the bedroom may not be the best actions.

Yes, I know it’s comfortable to eat in the bed, but you should try to keep food outside certain rooms. Try to eat only in the kitchen and dining room.

Smoking indoors can completely change the air inside your home, although you may not sense it. Try taking it outdoors and you will see the difference.

Best household air fresheners products

Best Household Air Fresheners For A Safe Clean Fragrance In Your Home