Do you that your vaginal pH can be affected by different factors?

Unbalanced pH levels can be really unpleasant and may come with side effects such as burning and itching sensations.

Feminine Wash For pH Balance Products


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This sounds like something you definitely don’t want to go through. There are different things you can do to prevent and deal with this problem.

Going for the best feminine wash for pH balance can help you bring and keep your pH levels to a normal value. They are created to help women who deal with this problem.

Right from the beginning, I want to be clear about something.

Unbalanced pH levels in the vagina area can be due to several factors. In order to properly identify the problem, its causes, and treatment methods, you may want to visit a specialist.

If you know that a feminine wash product will help you, that’s great. But if you’re unsure of what to do, ask for medical advice.

Using the best feminine wash for pH balance can have some great benefits for you.

Best feminine wash for pH balance benefits

Helps you maintain normal pH levels

The pH levels in the vagina can be disrupted by many factors.

To give you a few quick examples, factors like unprotected sex, douching, and the wrong feminine products can be responsible for such problems. I’ll tell you more about each of them a bit later.

When this happens, unpleasant side effects can appear. Think of itchiness, burning sensations, unpleasant smell, and strangely-colored discharges.

Imagine that everything in your feminine area is fairly well-balanced. Each element knows what it has to do and performs its job well.

When an external factor comes and disrupts this balance, it’s very likely for things to change and have certain effects on you.

One of the important courses of action here is to restore the pH balance.

Using best feminine wash for pH balance can be helpful, as it can normalize the pH levels and help you feel good.

If you’ve never bought such a product before and are a bit skeptical, you should ask your doctor about a recommendation. Having a consult before buying such a product is also a great thing, but that’s up to you.

If you’re interested in best feminine wash for pH balance, you may also want to take a look at best feminine wipes for odor.

Contributes to a healthy hygiene

A good feminine hygiene is the key to normal pH levels. This involves taking care of yourself and using the right products.

Going for best feminine wash for pH balance will not only help you with pH problems, but it will also contribute to a healthy hygiene routine.

You just have to find the product that suits you. There are different sort of feminine wash products on the market. Some are unscented, some have a delicate natural smell, others contain natural beneficial oils.

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Pay attention to these details when you buy such a product. They can be a real deal-breaker.

Helps you feel comfortable and confident in yourself

Let’s be honest. When you’re dealing with such problems, it’s hard to feel as comfortable as you would during a normal day.

If you’re experiencing one or more of those side effects, it’s definitely not the best day for you.

When you’re not feeling comfortable, it’s difficult to remain confident and take the everyday challenges as they come.

Best feminine wash for pH balance can help you prevent and avoid these problems. In this way, it helps you feel comfortable and remain confident.

It may ease the discomfort, reduce the symptoms, and help them go away in time.

What does pH mean?

Before going into any further details about what causes these pH disbalances, it’s essential to understand a few basic details about it.

pH means “potential of hydrogen” and it refers to how acidic or how basic (alkaline) something is.

It’s basically a measurement scale that goes from 0 to 14 and measures the characteristics of a substance. pH levels that are below 7 are considered acidic, while the ones that exceed 7 are believed to be basic. The value of 7 is considered neutral, meaning it’s not acidic or basic.

When speaking of the pH level of the vagina, the values for a healthy environment vary between 3.5 and 4.5. This means that the vagina constitutes a rather acidic environment.

These numbers represent the ideal level for the vaginal pH because of many reasons, but mainly because of this: bacteria usually do not survive in acidic places.

Keeping the pH level around these numbers means keeping bacteria and infections away.

Of course, there are some exceptions of bacteria that manage to get through that environment and cause problems. The idea is most of them need a basic medium in order to grow and develop.

A vaginal pH that is above 4.5 can represent the perfect environment for bacteria to develop and cause infections.

It’s essential to pay attention to these details (especially when looking for the best feminine wash for pH balance), but there is something you also need to keep in mind: the vaginal pH level varies during life and different short-time periods.

When a woman’s body is reproductive (between approximately 15 and 49 years), the vaginal pH usually remains between 3.5 and 4.5. When it reaches menopause, it tends to go higher than 4.5.

The menstruation is also a period when the pH level varies. Again, it tends to go higher than the normal levels. After, it usually goes back to its previous level all by itself.

What you can do when you know that your pH level varies is to be much more careful with yourself. A higher level makes you more exposed to bacteria and infections, so you may want to be more vigilant with your hygiene routine.

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What can cause vaginal pH disbalances?

Unprotected sex

Unprotected sex can highly influence the pH level of the vagina.

Semen is an alkaline substance. It can stimulate the appearance and development of certain bacteria.

Protecting yourself when having sex can help you maintain normal pH levels and prevent yeasts and infections.

Also, unprotected sex can lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Using condoms (or other contraceptive methods if recommended) can help you prevent such surprises.

Use of antibiotics

Antibiotics have the role of eliminating unwanted bacteria that are causing trouble in your body.

When you’re having a strong cold or infection, they are usually prescribed.

The problem with antibiotics is they can also kill the good bacteria that live in your body.

There are certain beneficial bacteria that help you maintain an acidic pH level in the vagina. Antibiotics can interfere with them and lead to certain disbalances.

When you have to take antibiotics, you are usually dealing with a strong bacteria in your body, so interrupting the treatment may not be the best idea.

What you can do is pay attention to what you eat and drink. Certain foods are recommended to be consumed when taking antibiotics.

Here are a few examples of what you should eat during such a treatment:

  • foods that contain probiotics: onions, bananas, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes
  • foods rich in vitamin K: spinach, kale, parsley, Brussel sprouts, collards
  • foods rich in fiber: beans, peas, broccoli, lentils, nuts, berries, whole grains

Vaginal douching and use of other products

If you’ve looked on the market, you’ve seen that there are a great number of feminine hygiene products.

You can find all kinds of creams, sprays, and gels that say they will help you. Some of them will, some of them can affect your pH level.

Using such products and using them really often can cause great disbalances. The feminine area may need some help to restore its normal level from time to time, but this does not happen every day and with any kind of product.

This is why it’s important to choose the best feminine wash for pH balance and to pay attention to product details.

Douching it too often can encourage the development of different bacteria. Although it seems like an action that is meant to clean the area, it can backfire really bad.

Menstrual periods

Menstruations are other periods that determine the vaginal pH to rise. The blood that women eliminate is basic, meaning it can make the pH levels go higher than normal.

What’s great about them is that they are temporary. They last a few days or maybe a week (varies from one woman to another) and then they go away. The pH usually normalizes itself.

During this period, you may want to be a little careful as you may be more predisposed to infections than usual.

If you’re interested in menstruation and best feminine wash for pH balance, you may also want to take a look at chlorine-free pads.

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How to maintain a healthy pH level

Pay attention to your diet

If you think about it, your diet has a major influence on how your body reacts under different circumstances.

The foods that we consume can be either beneficial for us or can have some unwanted effects.

This case is not different in any way. Your diet is an important factor in maintaining a normal pH level.

What goes inside (your stomach) is as important as what best feminine wash for pH balance you use.

Include in your diet foods that are rich in fiber, vitamin K, probiotics, and other beneficial nutrients.

Avoid douching and vaginal washes

I’m repeating this because it’s very important on how you wash your feminine area.

Douching, vaginal washes, using different products, or combinations of baking soda and vinegar may not do you so much good.

You want to pick your products carefully and use them exactly as instructed.

Combining too many gels, sprays, and creams may only create disbalances and a nice environment for bacteria to live in.

Wear underwear made of cotton

Cotton is a material made of natural fiber which allows your skin to breathe.

This is why it’s important to go for such underwear products. You want to let your skin breathe and let the air to circulate.

Man-made materials such as nylon may make you sweat and not be as open as cotton. This can create the perfect environment for bacteria.

Also, you may want to avoid wearing thongs, especially if you’re prone to infections.

Changing into a clean dry underwear after you went for a swim or at the gym is essential for maintaining a healthy hygiene. You don’t give bacteria time to settle down.

When should you go to see your doctor?

When having problems with bacteria in your feminine area, you may think that you need to see your doctor immediately.

While this is obviously true, there are a few symptoms you may want to check before you make an appointment:

  • burning sensations
  • itching
  • unpleasant and unusual odor (e.g. fishy)
  • discharge of a grey, white, or yellow color

If these symptoms appear out of a sudden and you feel that something is not right, go to your doctor.

Home remedies may be useful and can even provide amazing results, but if you’ve never dealt with such a problem, it’s better to see a specialist.

Don’t buy different new products that may seem the solution. They may only cause more disbalances. Wait until you see your doctor and what kind of treatment you need to take.

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Feminine wash for ph balance products

Best Feminine Wash For pH Balance – How To Solve Vaginal pH Problems