What is the best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes?

Eyelash extensions can give you a more expressive look and complement your entire makeup.

The problem with them is how they are applied. You need to use a special glue and then apply through your natural lashes. This is how they complement each other and what makes them different from false lashes.

Eyelash Extension Glue For Sensitive Eyes Products

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These glue products can cause irritations and bad allergic reactions. This happens because of certain chemicals used in glue. Take formaldehyde as an example.

One of the most inspired options to avoid these unpleasant side effects is to choose chemical-free glue products. This is when best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes come into the discussion.

It’s similar to choosing chemical-free makeup products.

Using best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes can have some wonderful benefits for you.

Benefits of using best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes

You don’t apply harsh chemicals on your skin

Glues used to apply eyelash extensions are known to contain some harsh chemicals.

Putting them on your skin and eyelashes may lead to a few side effects. From minor irritations to serious allergic reactions, these are a few effects you may experience.

Some chemicals have been linked to more serious long-term problems.

I’ve mentioned formaldehyde earlier. This chemical is suspected to be a human carcinogen, according to research done on animals. Yet, more data is needed in this direction in order to make a clear strong statement.

If you’re interested in this topic, you may also want to check out phthalate-free vinyl plank flooring.

Harsh chemicals may lead even to all your lashes falling out. There have been cases where people suffered some awful side effects and their lashes just fell.

Using best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes can be a great way to take care of your skin and eyes.

Harsh chemicals may not be the best option, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Decreases the risk of allergic reactions

Harsh chemicals can pose a great risk for different allergies. Irritations, watery eyes, and swollen skin are just reactions you may experience.

Best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes can help you avoid these reactions.

When speaking of allergies, it’s essential you keep these things in mind. You may or may not experience allergic reactions when applying this type of glue.

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This depends on how sensitive your body is and how prone to allergies you are. You may use this product and not have one single side effect.

However, allergies can be developed in time.

Going for a chemical-free product can decrease the risks of having an allergic reaction.

Help you keep your eyelash extensions in place

Best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes can lack certain chemicals, but this does not mean it lacks quality.

These products can help your eyelash extensions in place.

To make sure you obtain the best results you want, always appeal to a professional for this job. Going to a beauty salon can help you avoid accidents and increase the chances of you dealing with high-quality products and services.

If you’re interested in best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes, you should also take a look at non-comedogenic moisturizer with SPF.

Chemicals to avoid in eyelash extension glue products

Eyelash extension glue products can contain different chemicals which may not be very beneficial for you.

Here are a few examples of chemicals you may want to avoid.


Formaldehyde is a common chemical in adhesives and glues. It can also be found in other household products and building materials such as:

  • wood products
  • paper coating products
  • pesticides
  • fertilizers
  • nail polishes

The problem with this chemical is that it has been linked to irritations of the skin, burning sensations of the eyes, throat, nose, coughing, and nausea.

Ammonium hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide is another ingredient which can be found in eyelash extension glues.

The chemical can cause skin irritations, burning sensations of the skin and eyes.


Some glues may contain certain fragrances. This helps them have a more pleasant smell.

Fragrances are known for being endocrine disruptors. They can mimic human hormones and send wrong signals to the body, leading to internal disbalances.

Quick facts about eyelash extensions

The end result varies from one person to another

Eyelash extensions are made of different materials. They can be synthetic, made of silk or mink, and their size varies from 6 to 17 mm.

You will discuss with your technician how dense you want them to be.

The end result depends on these factors, plus on your eye shape.

Eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks

Eyelash extensions can last for long periods of time, up to 8 weeks.

If you want to achieve this number, you need to be really careful with them. This means respecting all the rules your technician tells you.

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Eyelash extensions last around 6 weeks or less (3-4). After this period, they may start falling out.

To have them removed, you can let to fall out naturally or you can visit your technician and ask to remove them. You should not try to remove them by yourself.

You can still wear makeup

If you’re wondering if you can still wear makeup if you have eyelash extensions, the answer is yes.

You can use eyeshadow and eyeliner, as long as you stay away with liquid makeup from the lash line.

You may want to avoid mascara or apply it just at the top of the lashes really lightly (and mostly if you’re at the end of your cycle).

If you’re interested in this topic, check out talc-free eyeshadow palettes.

Eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes products

Best Eyelash Extension Glue For Sensitive Eyes – Get A Beautiful Look Without Side Effects