Have you ever wondered about what is the best electric heater for home?

These electric devices can be a great option for heating your entire home or just one room.

It’s just like a natural wood baby crib.

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You are probably comparing it to a heating system right now. I’ll go to that point a little bit later. Right now I’ll focus on energy efficient electric heaters.

Having best electric heater for home can bring you some great benefits.

Best electric heater for home benefits

Warms your rooms

An electric heater can do a great job in warming your home. It may not be ideal if you have a really big house though.

It’s also really easy to use. You just plug it in and it starts working.

Electric heaters are usually small or medium-size. This means you can move them from one room to another.

They offer you some sort of flexibility, as they allow you to move them around the house and heat only one room if needed.

Portable electronic device

Some best electric heaters for home are portable. You can take them with you when you leave home.

This is characteristic you may not find in all electric heaters. Make sure you pay attention to this detail when you buy one.

Can help you save energy

This is also a characteristic you need to pay attention when buying an electric heater for your home.

First of all, check to see if it is says it’s energy-saving or energy-efficient. It may seem really simple, but it’s a good starting point.

Other characteristics of an energy-efficient room or space heater are thermostats and timers.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out what light bulbs save the most energy.

What is the most energy-efficient electric heater?

When looking for the best electric heater for home, you are interested in the one which is the most energy-efficient.

In order to answer this question, it’s essential to look at these types of electric heaters and some of their characteristics.

Radiant bar heaters

Radiant bar heaters are great electric heaters for rooms with high ceilings or if you need to heat only on part of the room.

These electric heaters do a wonderful job in giving instant heat.

This can also be a disadvantage. They warm objects and a person. If you want to change the air temperature from a room, they may not be the best option.

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You want to be careful with the room where you place it. Radiat bar heaters may emit some light, so the bedroom may not be the ideal room.

It may represent a risk for small children and pets.

What’s more, some models don’t have a thermostat. You may have to pay attention to the room temperature and how long they will be functioning.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are also known as ceramic heaters.

A characteristic of these electric heaters is they distribute heat around the room. They are great for warming small rooms in no time.

You plug it in for a short period of time and then you will have a warm room.

Again, you need to pay attention to see if they have a thermostat, as some models may lack it.

They can be a little noisy, so pick its place carefully.

Oil-filled heaters

Oil-filled heaters do a great job in heating the air in a room.

As compared to the other two electric heaters, these ones usually come with a thermostat.

They are rather silent, so you don’t need to worry about avoiding bedrooms.

It may take longer until it warms a room, so patience is required in this case. Also, rooms with high ceilings are a challenge for oil-filled heaters.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are one of the low-priced products, as compared to the other electric heaters we’ve talked about.

They come with some great functions such as the oscillating function which allows the device to warm your room faster.

The cut-out function is also a wonderful thing. If the halogen heater gets knocked over, this function prevents the heater from starting a fire.

Just like radiant bar heaters, they emit some light.

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Most efficient room heater Vs. Heating systems

I’ve said earlier that there is a debate whether to have most efficient room heater or a heating system.

Well, take it like this. An energy-efficient electric heater is rather a short-term option or a device to complement your heating system.

A heating system is a long-term approach. Think of it as an investment. You pay more at the beginning and you enjoy the benefits in time.

Of course, best electric heater for home can complement the heating system.

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