Colors, so beautiful, so many. We want to try them all. We buy clothes of different colors, we decorate our homes using them, our entire world is built around them. People love to experiment and try out new things, such as hair dyes. They color their hair in different ways to adapt to the latest fashion tendencies, to make radical changes or to find out what suits them.

These changes have their own risk. Going from black to orange, for instance, can damage your hair very much. However, this issue is not on the top of the list because it can be solved in time. Irritations and allergies are the biggest problems. These effects can have severe long term consequences on the health of a person. Although these situations do not happen every day, when they do, they can claim a life.

In this case, products cannot be separated in harmful and non-harmful categories. All contain the substances at which people can develop these reactions, whether we are talking about top brands that are sold worldwide or small national ones. These are p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and PTD, a similar ingredient to which people can have the same reactions. These apply for permanent, semi-permanent and ammonia-free dyes.

Natural homemade dyes

So what can people do when they want to avoid these products, but still need to dye their hair? Go to the Do It Yourself Section. Hair colors have the origin in nature’s gifts and there are many things people can use to dye their hair in a natural, organic and easy way. The ingredients differ for each hair color. People with dark hair are advised to use black walnut powder, while brown hair can be obtained from a concentrated black tea or coffee solution. Blondes can appeal to lemon and rhubarb root, while for red, they can use tomato juice or a tea made from hibiscus flowers and calendula.

The dye you can use can be a paste or a tea. The ingredients have to be chopped or sliced so as the colors can break free into the dye. Because these are all natural ingredients, people should put a great amount into their composition: ¼ cup of ingredients for each cup of water. Use hot water for the composition and let it cool. The application is done just as for a normal dye (in the case of the tea, pour it as you would rinse your hair): apply it with a brush or with your hands (always wear gloves), stay with it approximately 30 minutes, then rinse your hair.

These dyes will not last as long as normal ones, so people will find themselves in the situation of applying them several times a month. However, the risk of allergies is extremely reduced in these cases. Therefore, their health and life is in good hands.

A Color For Each Person
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