Finding the perfect gift for your mother can be a really difficult task. No matter how much you know her or think that “This is what she wants!”, you struggle to find what’s best for her. There are always many possibilities to choose from. Fortunately, you have the option to go for something beautiful and green at the same time: eco-friendly gifts for your mom.

Why eco-friendly is the best gift

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially your mother, things can get a bit complicated. No matter how much you believe you know her, you may find yourself most of the times wondering “What should I get her this time?” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Eco-friendly gifts are a great option. They are unique, beautiful and contribute to the protection of the environment. They can be made from recycled or biodegradable materials or, when referring to cosmetic or beauty products, they are made with natural or organic ingredients.

We have prepared a few gift suggestions to help you pick the perfect one for your mother. Here are 9 recommendations you can choose from this year.

1. Eco-friendly exfoliating gloves

A day at a spa may be expensive, so bringing the spa into your bathroom is a great alternative. Start with some eco-friendly exfoliating gloves. Getting rid of dead skin cells does not only make skin look amazing, but it can also be a great treatment for different conditions such as acne, eczema, and cellulite. It stimulates blood circulation and the rejuvenation of cells.

Women adore to relax and treat themselves. Having a beautiful smooth skin is something that can make any woman happy.
Made from eco-friendly materials, it’s also a great way of protecting the environment and your mom’s health. You don’t need to buy other exfoliating products that may contain chemicals.

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2. Eco-friendly eyeshadow

Makeup is a woman’s best friend, they say. We want to change a bit this statement into “eco-friendly makeup.”

Offering a makeup set to your mom is an excellent gift. It can enhance her features and be her favorite product when preparing for going out. Its plant ingredients make it a safe ingredient for your mother’s skin.

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3. Natural bath bombs

What’s more relaxing than taking a warm and nice bath? We may go for taking one with a bath bomb.

Really popular nowadays, bath bombs are those round objects you introduce in your bath and they dissolve, leaving behind beautiful colors and a nice smell. They are the new secret ingredient for an amazing bath.

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It’s important to pay attention to the ingredients of these bath bombs. Going for the ones which are paraben-free and rich in essential oils is a great option. It will offer your mother a great experience and a treat for her skin.

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4. Organic face cream

Keeping the skin hydrated can be an important aspect for your mom. An eco-beauty cream can be a good gift in this case.

What’s essential here is to be careful at the cream type your mom needs: for dry or oily skin. The second aspect refers to the cream ingredients. Look for natural ingredients, no parabens or artificial scents. They can be really efficient in hydrating the skin, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

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5. Smoothie recipes book

Smoothies are an excellent idea for a fresh snack, a special drink or even a great addition to a daily meal (breakfast or dinner).

Yet, it’s important to combine the right ingredients in order to obtain a delicious and healthy drink. Buying a book filled with simple smoothie recipes for your mom is a great choice. What’s more, all your family will enjoy it. You can all make tasty smoothies and have a healthy drink.

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6. Eco-friendly digital food scale

In order to prepare the best food, your mom needs the best tools. Certain recipes, especially the ones for cakes and pies, require exact quantities of ingredients. A scale is a must in your mom’s kitchen in this case.

An eco-friendly food scale can be a great help for your mom. As it’s made of bamboo, an eco-friendly material, it also protects the environment.

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7. Eco-friendly beauty organizer

If your mom has many beauty products, this eco-friendly organizer can be the gift she was looking for. She can keep her hair products, hair dryer or makeup utensils such as brushes in it.

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8. Eco-friendly pillow

This may seem an unusual gift, but if your mom loves to have many pillows on her bed and/or couch, you’re on the right track. My mom loves pillows and gets excited when she buys a new one.

Going for an eco-friendly pillow may not only delight her, but it’s also an environmental option.

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9. Eco-friendly bamboo bowls

Bonus gifts for your mom

If you were thinking of getting your mom an eco-friendly, yet funny gift, we’ve prepared 2 bonus recommendations. They are meant to make your mom smile and surprise her pleasantly.

Large grocery tote bag

If your mom is the one who generally does the grocery shopping, then this gift is perfect for her. The tote bag is reusable, resistant and has a funny message. It can be a great way to make her smile.

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Recycled wine glasses

Even your mom needs a break from time to time. Why not relax and enjoy a glass of wine? These recycled wine glasses are a great eco-friendly gift for your mom.

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9 Eco-friendly Gifts Your Mom Will Adore