When summer approaches, we generally remind ourselves that it may be time to buy some new sunscreen. Protecting ourselves from the powerful sun rays is an important aspect of having a healthy skin. Yet, this needs to be a habit from our daily lives.   

Our skin needs protection during all seasons. Whether we are speaking of the hot summer or the nasty winds from autumn, we need to take care of it. There are a few steps we need to respect in order to protect our skin. Here are 5 simple healthy skin tips.  

Healthy Skin Tips

  • Hydrate your skin
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Be careful with sun exposure
  • Use suitable skincare products
  • Regular medical checks

Yes, it is the season of dark skin. People seem to be entering a worldwide competition to proclaim the title of the most tanned skin. Unfortunately, some forget that the sun can become their worst enemy if they do not respect certain rules. Sunburns can have serious consequences and the worst is skin cancer.

In order to prevent this from happening, people should follow a few unwritten rules. First of all, avoid the sun between 12 p.m. and 16 p.m., as it is the period when it is very dangerous. Second of all, always use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Last but not least, go to a doctor for a regular medical control about your skin and moles. Moreover, go to the doctor immediately if you feel that something is not right or if you have a suspect spot on your body.

Regarding the sunscreen, people should choose a protection that suits their skin. Those who have delicate skin, who get sunburns easily should think about 30-50 factor of protection. In addition, even if you do not get sunburned, you still need protection, a lower one at least. It maintains your skin hydrated and helps you get a uniform tan gradually.

What to use during summer

Our first recommendation is the organic sunscreen from LureLux. It has SPF 25 and is designed for children and adults. It is absorbed quickly and provides your body with the necessary vitamin D nutrients due to its natural composition.

LureLux Organic and Natural Biodegradable Minerals Sunscreen


Children are the ones that require the most protection because their skin is very predisposed to get burned. The sunblock stick SPF 30+ from California Baby takes care of the skin of your little ones, letting them enjoy a wonderful day at the beach.

California Baby Super Sensitive Sunblock Stick SPF 30+

After you return from the beach, your skin needs extra hydration, especially if you got a sunburn. The biodegradable aloe vera gel from Tropical Sands calms your skin and heals it quickly. Its natural extracts protect both your body and the environment.

Tropical Sands All Natural Aloe Vera Gel

The sun can be your friend, but it can transform into your enemy in just a few seconds. It can give you problems, or it can relax you and make you enjoy the summer. The key is to respect yourself, to respect nature and nature will respect and protect you.

5 Simple Steps To Have A Healthy Skin
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