Food is one of the basic elements of people’s lives. A great number of our actions is correlated or can be associated with what we eat. Food represents the source for our energy, a wonderful reason to meet with friends or an important aspect in the organization of a party.

When we speak about food, we can think about 3 main elements: the way it is prepared (cooked or not), its nutrients and its taste. The first two are very important, yet people choose what they want to eat and establish their favorite dishes based on the taste. Of course, it is essential to eat something delicious, but that would not matter when a meal has a huge number of calories or when it has more additives than real ingredients.

For this reason, we will present you a list of products that you should definitely avoid or, at least, consume rarely.

1. Microwave popcorn

microwaved popcorn


A popular snack that goes very well with a movie on a Friday night. However, this is one of the most dangerous products on the market. The popcorn bag contains several chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These substances vaporize during the preparation and are absorbed in the popcorn. Furthermore, they are associated with infertility, liver, pancreatic and testicular cancer.

2. Processed meat

processed meat ham

These products are great for sandwiches when you lack inspiration to prepare something to eat. What is not great about them is that they contain many additives and salt which take them into the ‘No’ side of a healthy lifestyle.

3. American cheese

american cheese

Wonderful colour, popular ingredient for different meals and a bad decision every time. This product is rich in artificial colourings and calories. One slice (28g) contains 104 calories.

4. Sugary cereals

sugary cereals

Commercials and marketing ads are trying to convince you that the best way to start your day is with a bowl of cereals and milk. Wrong, especially if you choose their products. Rich in sugar and low in nutrients and vitamins, they look more like a dessert than a healthy breakfast.

4 Foods That You Should Definitely Avoid
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