The kitchen is the room where people feel free to experiment, to try out what their friends recommended them, to create and to feel inspired. It is a beautiful place designed for women and men. However, it would not be so special if it weren’t for the components of the kitchen, the little things people use and do not pay attention to. Imagine the following situation: you do not have a dish machine and you do not have a dish sponge to clean your dishes. What can you do?

Small elements such as dish sponges are irreplaceable, yet people do not see how important they are until they are gone. Of course, the material and origin of the product is important in this case as well. Buying and using a product that is made of synthetic fibres that, in time, can carry many bacteria and germs  and affect the environment is not a good choice. In fact, it is not an option. These products should be eco-friendly and natural.

We will present you 3 products that will help when you are preparing something in the kitchen.

1. Natural cellulose sponge

Kitchen King Dish Scoop Sponge Natural Cellulose   Kitchen King Dish Scoop Sponge Natural Cellulose

The product from Kitchen King presents several advantages for customers. First of all, the fact that it is made entirely of cellulose protects the environment and the person who is using it. It does not allow bacteria to form and it has a higher quality than regular sponges.

2. Kitchen towels

Ecotowl Pacific Dry Goods Towel

Kitchen towels are more ecological than paper towels because they can be reused several times, while the paper ones have to be thrown away after they have been used. The product from Ecotowl absorbs more than 12 times its weight in liquid, can be washed by hand or in the washing machine and is made of biodegradable natural fabric.

3. Heat grips

 Eco Friendly, Washable, Dishwasher Safe, Home Kitchen Gifts, Premium High Quality Red Heat Grips Multiuse by CookingBoss  Eco Friendly, Washable, Dishwasher Safe, Home Kitchen Gifts, Premium High Quality Red Heat Grips Multiuse by CookingBoss

You need these if you really want to experiment. The product from CookingBoss will help you move faster in the kitchen, forget about what it feels to burn yourself and deal with several hot objects. In addition, it is eco-friendly, can be washed in the machine with no problem and will last longer than other products.

The small things are the most important. We have seen that the power of a sponge can be hardly replaced. Thus, always choose wisely when you are buying these products.


3 Products That Can Change Your Kitchen Completely
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